Do not buy! Subscribe
from 6 PLN per day *

in your company

in your company


Subscription computer with Office software and service package


Do not buy! Subscribe
from 6 PLN per day *

in your company

in your company


Subscription computer with Office software and service package


No deposit

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A computer with a subscription package.

From 5.97 PLN net per day! You work and we do 
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Much more than rental or leasing.

The Device as a Service (DaaS) model is a modern and flexible approach  of IT management in the company, combining hardware, software, security and management into one comprehensive service payable monthly as part of the subscription.

Free yourself from IT in your company.

In organizations with their own IT departments, the solution will release their employees  from basic tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of users’ devices, provide them with management tools,  nd thus enable them to focus on tasks related to the optimisation  of IT processes and direct business support.

Why Foxo365365 DaaS?

The Foxo365 DaaS is offered by Delkom 2000, a company which for several years has specialised in selling the highest quality IT hardware and software of the most valued and reputable manufacturers in the world, offering IT solutions and professional equipment dedicated to business

From ownership to service.

In times when everything can be a service, Delkom offers customers a modern service solution that provides business customers with constantly technologically advanced hardware, a software package with update and upgrade to the latest versions, service support, security and cloud
management as part of a monthly subscription.

The service allows to increase productivity and flexibility in the use of IT resources, ensures stability and predictability of expenses, which has a positive impact on the company's finances. What’s more, employees can derive more satisfaction from the use of modern technology and safe equipment.

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Pay only for resources used
The Foxo365 is designed to allow customers to increase or decrease the number of devices at any time. Customers flexibly select the number of devices they need in a given moment, e.g. due to seasonality of employment or development of their company.
No more great IT expenses

Transfer one-time investment costs to operating costs, without incurring vast expenses to purchase new hardware and software.

A technological
step forward

With Foxo365365 DaaS, your company's equipment life cycle will take 24 months. After this period it will be decommissioned by us and you will receive new, technologically advanced and safe hardware  and software for the next period. 

Increase productivity and optimise IT department costs

The subscription model is a cost-effective solution that provides stability
and predictability of costs within regular monthly fees, so that you can carefully plan your expenses. 

A higher level of security
Regular replacement of equipment and its proper selection, servicing, maintenance 
and specialised support of services and solutions by Delkom's experts have an impact on 
safety. In addition, Foxo365 DaaS guarantees access to the latest versions of the application and, as part of the Microsoft software package, provides antivirus protection, data protection, cloud backup.
Satisfaction of employees and contractors

Reliable, modern and safe workplace allow you to build a positive image of your company among employees and contractors.  Within a monthly subscription we are responsible for  the offered solution (hardware and software) and manage the full life cycle of your company's devices from the moment of purchase, through support and service to decommissioning.

Foxo365 DaaS on a monthly subscription.


Smart, flexible and professional plans.

Startup, Micro and Small company

Small, Medium and Large Company

Foxo365 smart

for micro and small


workplace / month.

Business class laptop
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Security and management in the cloud

Foxo365 flex Pro

Professionalism in every way
for small, medium and large enterprises


workplace / month

Premium business class laptop
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
higher level of IT security in
Your business and travel due to
MS Enterprise Mobility + Security
IT management by Delkom experts
microsoft gold partner

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